Fragrant Qigong Instructor



This accredited course is studied online. 

Once you have enrolled, you will be sent a DVD of Fragrant Qigong. This will provide you with the study material for the practical work.  As Tai Chi & Qigong are practical subjects, we encourage learners to attend at least one of the practical sessions prior to their final practical assessment.  We have found those who attend are more likely to pass their final practical assessment, than those who do not!

You will find that there are many different versions of Fragrant Qigong: some are performed slow and some fast. In the video below you will be able to see the style that this course follows.

On enrolment for this course you will be provided with access to the associated online study guides and assignments.


So what will I study for the course?

 The theory element of this course will provide you with information relating to correct posture and breathing that is used for Qigong, the movements of Fragrant Qigong, modifications to enable you to teach to a wider range of people and an understanding of the health & safety issues that an instructor should be aware of.  

There are just a few written assignments for this course but they are an integral part of your assessment for this Level 2 course. Written assignments are emailed to the assigned tutor for each unit. The rest of the assessment is via a final practical assessment which can be either a face-to-face session with the assessor and internal verifier for this course, or by a video recording of your practice.